Thursday, August 04, 2005

Take this blob and suck it

I can't really go into it right now (mostly because I'm using the world's slowest computer, but also because it involves work and I've learned many a valuable lesson as to bitching about work via the internet blog).

Let's just say, for pretend, that certain people in a certain department's computers are down. Let's say for instance that two staff members are affected. Staff member A happily sits at his desk doing God knows what while staff member B demands that their boss find other computers for them to work at. Why is it then that staff member A gets moved to a private desk with a nice computer, while staff member B (you know that one who was actually bothered by not being able to do any work) gets stuck at a part-timer desk with her vag in the wind as it were, on a computer she is sure was forged sometime in 500 AD?

Could it be her lack of a ball sack? You tell me. You. Tell. Me.

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