Friday, July 29, 2005

Wet Blanket

I can't stop listening to Metric. I really wish that Chubby Bunny could add some keyboards to our schtick. Too bad Angie and I can't stand playing with other people. Sigh.

Yesterday Tawnya and I took Angie to the airport (she's visiting her brother in Arizona) and then picked up my so-fucking-awesome wedding dress. I wish all clothes could make me feel like that.

In other wedding planning news...I'm getting to that point where I just want it to happen. I don't want to miss it, but I really really want to stop worrying about it.
My current "to do" list looks like this:
1. pick out rings then order them cheaper via the internet
2. Lars' tux
3. finish organizing and burning music
- pre ceremony
- ceremony
- reception
sync on the ipod and burn onto cd's for back up.
4. pay for the cake
5. finalize flowers (and reception table layout)
6. get some fancy panties
7. get a hair cut (maybe some highlights, cos I'm a gay man trapped in a chubby girl's body)
8. Jewelry! and crap...maybe something to fancy up the veil comb
9. Make up! (Have test run make up done by that super hot transexual at the MAC counter, ask for eyebrown grooming tips).
10. find / buy a steamer (Steamer really sounds dirty...but, you know what I mean).
11. find a sweet present for mom
12. rent a car
13. get Stanley groomed
14. get some ties for the groomsmen
15. get marriage license (be glad that we are not first cousins or underage, cos that might take some extra time in line).
16. make reservations someplace for the rehearsal dinner.
17. make and send rehearsal invites.


James said...

Vicious, hypnosis, clenched fist, saying it's wrong
To want more than a folk song

Tracy said...

Dear James,

Your illegal burning of Metric has saved me from losing my job.



Ruth said...

We burned CDs for our wedding too. I just couldn't risk a dj not having Sheena is a Punk Rocker. It was one of the best parts of the wedding. Make sure you leave enough time for two of your items (trust me, friend): the rings (ron didn't want a ring until one week before the wedding, and Fedex showed up at the same time as the porta-potty, which was AFTER many guests were already at my parents' house) and number two, the highlights. just in case they are horrid, like mine were and you need emergency hair cover-up.

Oh, and as long as you don't find yourself with a Cleveland Steamer, you should be AWESOME.

Yeah! Everything will be great.