Thursday, July 28, 2005

20 things I would eat the shit out of right now if I wasn't on a "lifestyle change"

1. Snickers (King size, biatch!)
2. pancakes
3. Granite bakery strawberry cream cheese cake with bavarian cream filling
4. Fettucini alfredo
5. chocolate ice cream
6. mashed potatoes with lots of butter and sour cream
7. a blueberry / cream cheese danish
8. Papa Murphey's veggie delite pizza
9. Peanut butter cookie dipped in chocolate from Gormandie's bakery
10. Really buttery popcorn at the movies
11. eggs benadict with home fried potatoes and lots of sauce.
12. Chili rellano/ enchilada with rice and beans from Casa Sanchez
13. bacon cheese burger with fries from Crown
14. Spinachi from Tucci's
15. strawberry la creme with chocolate chips
16. rasberry smoothie
17. chocolate covered strawberries
18. Dove chocolate ice cream bar
19. chocodiles
20. chicken and dumplins


ErLeCa said...

Hey, that veggie delight pizza doesn't sound too outside the range of "lifestyle change" Unless, of course, it's loaded with cheese. That might put a damper on things.

Brooke said...

Chocodiles! Yeah! I thought no one liked them but me. Chocodile power!

Merete said...

Hi Tracy
I have, with great pleasure, red your blog for the last couple of month, and I enjoy it so much!
You can live without those 20 things, I’m sure!
I just want to congratulate you both and wish you all the happiness in the future!
Keep up the good work with the wedding plans, it will be rewarding in the end! Sadly here in Denmark half of the marriages end in divorces, but we are chickens!