Monday, July 11, 2005

Truly evil

This weekend I experienced several fits of "dizzy spells" making me feel a) like I'm dying of some undetected brain tumor and b) like the sickly sister in a Jane Austen novel.
I came to work this morning to find that all of the network issues of last week are now fixed except for on my computer which will not connect and so, here I sit at my no-longer pregnant friend's desk.
She sent us picture of her new baby over the weekend and I'm dying to share them with you, but want/ have to get her permission first. Let's just say that he's pink and adorable and has the hugest feet that I've ever seen on a human baby.
I dunno, see along with missing my computer and my desk, I'm also really missing a lot of actual, physical, human beings right now.
I miss my family, as always... I miss Kinza (my new mommy friend and co-worker who is out on a much deserved maternity leave). I miss Jennifer, who hasn't moved yet, but is well on her way to starting (with her husband) what is sure to be the coolest and most wonderful brewery in all of Idaho. I miss Jimi and Karin who are starting their new lives as fancy grad students in Illinois.

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