Wednesday, July 13, 2005

and here's where I lose Joementum

So, I'm back at my very own desk and suddenly I have lost the will to work. How is this possible? Are the cozy confines of one's own space too distracting?
No matter.
I'm going to the doctor this afternoon to discuss my "vertigo." (Why must I have an ailment named after a U2 song where Bono proves that he doesn't know how to count in Spanish?...or was it the other way around?) I've narrowed the cause down to five things:
brain tumor, high blood pressure issues, inner ear trouble, brain sloshing injury as a result of the stupid car accident Angie and I were in, or miraculous- I don't care if you take your birth control religiously pregnancy.
I have to admit that although I, in no way want to look like a shotgun bride, pregnancy would be the best scenario right after inner ear infection.
My friend Kinza's baby is making me feel some major baby lust, it's true.
Someone snap me out of it.
In other strange and unusual news...Lars and I have officially slumped into the, what century is it? We are now the proud owners of both an ipod mini and cell phones. What's next? Moon boots?... a trip to Mars? *"I've got enough information in here to fuck Cohagen for good."
The cell phones haven't arrived yet, but I must admit that I'm salivating for them. They came free when we signed up, so I know they're the totally end of the line basic ones...but, still. The ipod came yesterday. See, we justified such a purchase because we're compiling all of the music for our wedding ourselves. We were going to make cd's...but, figured an ipod would be much more awesome.
We were right. It's little, it's green and I love it. I love it like a person. I love it so much that I'm going to pick up knitting needles this very night to start making it a cozy little sock.

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James said...

Psshht. Bono doesn't have a corner on vertigo.


Damn. That's a great film. I'm gonna go watch it again.