Tuesday, May 24, 2005

So I walked downtown with my friends, touched my boobs in public, ate some fish n' chips and said "BLOW JOB" really loud on Trax....what of it?

So Salt Lake City is getting fit "together" and I'm a part of it. (It's this whole thing where we get free pedometers (that suck) and we track how much we walk every day in an effort to get to 10,000 steps per day). It was the kick off this afternoon (pictures to come at some point....I got a really nice one of this lady's big ass) at the Gallivan Center. Everyone, but our group dorked out in their matching t-shirts and then screeched and grubbed for free, ugly hats as well. Sometimes people really don't have any dignity.
My group, The Jabberwalkies (so unique and literary)... ditched out early, walked to the Gateway and had lunch.
I realized that we're the perfect group because none of us are "joiners," which is to say we have too much pride to wear stupid t-shirts and scream like retards for free shit in public. We just stood there and sized up the competition.
We will crush them.

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