Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Homicylon and Nature Boy

Our offer was accepted and now Lars and I have to move in two and a half weeks, so...yeah, I'm a frigging (fracking) ball of stress right now and I think I might puke, but I'll be a home-owning puker. So there.
Two things before I go off to start packing and not stop for two weeks:
Battlestar Galactica FUCKING RULES, you guys. And yes, I know that I'm a total space drama geek, so it's hard to take my opinion about this shit seriously...but, I'm telling you, it's amazingly good. I'm freaking out that we might have to give up cable (with a mortgage payment and all) mostly because of this show. Gaius rules!
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds new double disc Jeezy effing Creezy...this record is good!!
I command that you watch the "Nature Boy" video from the website! COMMAND it! That's a direct order from your Cag, bitches! If it doesn't make you tap your foot and bop your head than you're a commie fracking cylon!
What? I said I was a geek.

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ErLeCa said...

Congratulations on your bid being accepted! You soon to be homeowner, you! So you're a space drama fan huh? Did you ever watch Farscape? That was my favorite... yes, I am a sci-fi nerd...