Monday, March 14, 2005

Do somethin'!

Dear fans,

I've been like doing a lot of reading lately, mainly on my homegirl, Britney's personal web site. She's so wise and stuff and I've learned all about ab-crunches and Kabbalah and I swear it's like we're soul sisters or something, cuz like she just bought a house and I'm buying a house...and like she just got married and like I'm getting married and stuff. I just feel really close to her right now.
Britney, stay strong girl!! Ignore those haters who say that your husband looks a little like he rubbed a pube-filled drainage clog all over his face. You ignore them girl!!
I think I'm going to get a spray-on tan today in your know, just to spread some good vibes your way.


Miriam said...

*lol* I will proudly admit that I read Britney's "letters to fans" occassionally just to lighten my day. Because really... what's more therapeutic than watching a grown woman prove that she's a dumbass turbo slut on the world wide web! :D Makes you feel smart, even on brainfart days ;)

And you should come to Stitch and Bitch tomorrow so I can meet you *nod*


Anonymous said...

yo Tracerity, I hear ya man. Can I go with ya to get that spray tan? My ass be shamefully pastey. Brinay would cry for me.
*jinxy (yes, I'm having a brainfart day)