Tuesday, August 07, 2007

、Oliver Twist 性交しなさい!!!!!!

Japanese to English translation = "Have Sexual Intercourse, Oliver Twist!!!" or in other words, Fuuuuuck you!

My friend Melissa is still in Japan and while I'm seething with envy, I want her to come home. Is that selfish? Yargh.

The Oliver Twist whom this post is directed at is someone I sort of loosely work with...more work around. Anyway, as per usual I cannot get into too many details. Let's just say, it is a bitch and it must die.

I finally fixed the masthead. It's not the glorious (I almost typed "glory hole" - I really have to leave work now) banner I promised, but it's cute enough for now and it makes me laugh...and I made it happen. I designed some web. What is it they say about bringing your work home?

Web developing is going well. Maybe even too well. I'm so happy- I'm scaring myself. I LOVE, LOVE my boss. She's an amazing woman who makes me laugh and is inspiring and caring and - I could go on, but it would be gross. She actually said to me, "Tracy, when are you going to have a baby? I just love babies" while we were at a co-workers baby shower. Uhh... When is the last time a boss begged their employee to get knocked-up and take a bunch of time off work? It really sums up how wonderful she is - and I have to say, soothed any fears I may have had about getting P.G. while in the honeymoon stage of a new job (should that happen).

"A whole new world....a whole new place to - " Oh, sorry- Aladdin attack.

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Melissa said...

Awwww. That's not selfish, it's sweet. I heart you major times. I am now speaking like I have been put through a translator, but guess what? It's just how I use the language now. No one tells you what two weeks of reading only "Engrish" will get you. Now you too hold the knowledge of the whispered words.

p.s. My secret to getting knocked up was thinking there was no way I would get knocked up. So watch out!