Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Job - day two

So, after the second full day of working my new job I can honestly say - holy shit! Do they really expect me to work like this all the time? I would suspect their answer is, yes, those motherflippers. Those wonderful, glorious motherflippers.

Interestingly - I don't mind. I worked my chubby buttocks off all day, without ONCE checking my MySpace. I didn't read "my blogs," watch YouTube or shop for cute dildos shaped like dolphins. NOT ONCE. I mean, not to blow my cover, but what you just read above describes about 2/3rds of my adult working life...and now it's over. And - I'm not sad. (I mean there's always time for dildos at home, right?)

The work is really collaborative and interesting (most of it anyway) and I spent the better part of my day rearranging a "mock up" of the library's future homepage. A fucking mock-up. I got paid to make something totally fake that I will just have to re-code again...and I liked it.

I will say that it's lonely. Everyone is really nice - but, so far there's no one I really connect with. I realize of course that my previous office mates (and friends) were a fluke. I know that finding hilarious, brilliant, bosom friends (ha! bosom) who make you laugh yourself sick and never stop surprising or inspiring you is rare, but I never understood just how rare until now. I really, really miss having good friends around to make my day easier and sometimes even special.

I don't anticipate any friend-love in my current sitch, but they're nice enough co-workers and that's not so bad, right? Right.

Yargh. Check out picks of my new office and my tits here.

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