Friday, June 08, 2007

The Lesbian Patrol

So, on our first attempt at "girls night karaoke" we wanted to try this fantastic looking dive-bar called Frankie & Johnnies. It should have been a sign to us that as we were getting out of the car two, toothless hillbillies were exiting the joint. We walked in and it was honestly like in movies when the record scratches and everyone looks up. <<<<>>>>>>>

There was a dog in the bar first of all...and second of all the guy sitting next to the dog said, "What's this? - The LESBIAN PATROL??" Uh. Even though the sign on the door clearly stated, "Karaoke Thursday Nights," the barkeep said, "nope" and we promptly exited much to the dismay of the two women in the bar who proclaimed, "They're females! Don't runnum offt."

We ended up at The Highlander (Yes! Just like Christopher Lambert) and it was awesome.
Angie killed "Vienna," Melissa sang the ever-living shit out of "Hot Blooded" and I brought it home with "Fernando." Tawnya and Agnes abstained tonight, but we will get them next time time.

Round two: Melissa literally made everyone believe in God again when she saing "Steamroller," Angie's rendition of "Downtown" was awesome and I, well I ended the evening with a little number by Justin Timberlake. See 9 seconds of said performance below.

We've decided to make "Lesbian Patrol" t-shirts with little beavers on them to wear to our next karaoke outing.

See Flickr Photos here.

I don't know Jules, but I know Jules Rules!


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