Thursday, April 26, 2007

Killing Veronica Mars (My Letter to the CW Network)

I'm sure you've heard this by now - but cancelling Veronica Mars is an enormous mistake. V. Mars is your network's only (pardon my bluntness here) quality, critically acclaimed show with, as I'm sure you've noticed a cult-like following.

Our numbers may be few, but we are a passionate bunch and we need our Veronica.

In addition to Veronica's fantastic writing and acting, the show also fills a more important social void - that is - strong, funny, smart, independent female characters. Veronica and Mac are two of the most unique (and true) female characters on t.v. today.

Veronica Mars, along with Buffy, (early)Gilmore Girls and Battlestar Galactica are the shows I want to share with my daughter some day. We need more shows like these on television. Smart shows that don't just offer "girl power" lip service, but bring real, interesting, powerful female characters to life and give young women an alternative to Paris Hilton and the Pussycat Dolls.

I'm not sure if you even noticed the irony in running the "Search for the Next Pussycat Doll" during V.M.'s regular time slot.

Anyway, as avid fan of the show and a woman I hope you will reconsider cancelling this remarkable and significant show.

I will be reposting this letter on my blog and asking my readers to contact you as well. Thank you for your time.

Tracy Medley
Salt Lake City, Utah

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