Friday, March 02, 2007

Watching Pretty Rich Girls Get Awesome Jobs for No Reason

You guys... why can't I stop watching The Hills? Seriously - I am addicted to this fucking show and it's embarrassing me. Really. Like I never watched the 1st season so I desperately searched the internet and finally found it and am devouring it like mental pizza.

Oh and before I forget to mention this - that Spencer Pratt guy (Steve Sanders to Brody Jenner's Brandon Walsh) is fucking American Psycho-esque. Like, when they find the bodies stuffed in his closet I will not be surprised, that's all I'm saying. I don't understand how this smarmy and also UGtastic butthole has managed to weasel his way into these girls' lives. Ladies you can do better. I mean, read what these dudes had to say in Details magazine. They've basically devised a plan to make themselves "famous" and they're too dumb or too gross to realize they should keep it to themselves. What's stranger and what completely confirms my feelings about the Spencer guy is that he's trying to make Brody famous - like he's "marketing" his "friend." I think it's more likely that he wants to market Brody's cock into his mouth - but that's just a guess.


Jimi said...

See that's where you're wrong, dude. There IS a reason they get the job. Because they're pretty.

Anonymous said...

"...he wants to market Brody's cock into his mouth" so funny! It makes me sad that I don't have anyone else to share that comment with because you're the only other person I know that watches it.