Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Bill O'Reilly Needs to Be Kicked in the Balls

O'Reilly is such a poogina.


D. Sirmize said...

O'Reilly needs to be kicked in the balls because he disagrees with your idol? Tolerant. Real tolerant, my enlightened liberal friend.

Tracy said...

Nope. I think Rocky is kind of a blowhard actually - who's time might be better spent resolving city issues.
That said - O'Reilly is a yelly, caustic "thinks" he knows it all, who's general nature and speech pattern causes me to get a headache and for that very selfish reason - he needs to be kicked in the balls.

As a liberal I don't have to be tolerant, I just have to be smarter than you and have a sense of humor.

D. Sirmize said...

I'm not so sure you are and I'm not so sure you do.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I watch O'Reilly I vommit a little.