Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy Birthday to Tawnya Kittain!

Tawnya has been my best friend for...uh, 13 years now and tomorrow is her 32nd birthday. So, far, besides the saggier tits and eye-wrinkles, I've really liked being 32 and I hope she does too. The first night I can remember hanging out with Tawnya was the summer she graduated highschool, 1993. She came over with some mutual friend or something, I honestly don't remember. We were listening to the Beatles and I was having one of those purge-moments, where I spent the entire evening doling out my superfluous possessions. Tawnya was a bright spark in a bad time (friend-wise) in my life. I don't know if all women go through this, but I had just discovered that all in my circle of friends were evil, backstabbing hookers who couldn't stop talking behind each other's backs. One day it hit me: Hey, I bet these dirty hookers are talking about me behind my back. Damn. It was a liberating moment because it freed me from three lousy friendships with just about the biggest assholes that ever lived ...and opened the door to a new kind of friendship and though it's cheesy, I'm going to say it; sisterhood.
Tawnya is the first friend I've ever had that felt like a real sister. We argue and we piss each other off, but at the end of the day I know that she will tell me the truth and I can tell her the truth...and we can still make each other laugh a lot.
She's one of the more special people on the planet and I don't mean that she's retarded. What I mean to say is she's just about the kindest person I've ever known. She really tries to find a way to understand everyone she knows. She cuts people slack even when they don't deserve it and from my perspective of like, really hating to cut slack....I'm envious. It's a real gift to love almost everyone unconditionally...but, that's who she is. She's also a terrible driver, but that's for another post.
This is this, Tawnya. This ain't something else. This is this.

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I loveth thee. And I only drive poorly to make others feel good about their own driving. How's that for loving, eh?