Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So, in settling into my new haircut...I've decided that I hate it. It's not that it's so bad, but my hair really needs a lot of layering and whatnot in order to not look like a frizzy poo-wig and now officially...after washing it with shampoo that regular humans can's officially stupid. It's officially a poo-wig.
Also, the bangs. I'm not sure how bangs can be both too short and too long, but mine have managed it and there are also too many of them hanging in a thick, lifeless chunk at the front of my head. This haircut makes me feel fatter and somehow less stylish. Like when you're chubby aunt comes home fromt he salon with a new short perm.
Maybe it's just me. Perhaps I'm starting my period.

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Anonymous said...

I totally have the same problem. I just got my hair cut a few weeks ago, and when the stylist was done all I could say was "it's so pretty" because it looked exactly like a shampoo commercial. Now when I try to recreate it, the closest I come is "the Rachel" which is bad :(