Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Ghost Town

In 1977 my family lived in Khorramshar, Iran. I always knew that we lived in Iran when I was young, but couldn't remember where exactly. This year for Christmas, I transferred my parent's 8mm Home-Movies to DVD and with the help of some amazing footage of Iran; pre-Revolution, pre-hostage crisis, pre-Saddam, my father revealed that we had lived in Khorramshar, in a pink house, which I remember very well. Houses there were connected like they are in San Francisco and ours was pink. There are several things about Iran that I remember better than I remember most things: the unleavened bread, the drain on the kitchen floor, Spider-Man in Persian, my parents giving my Atari to their friend's kids while visiting Tehran, the snowy train-ride to Tehran, our neighbor's children jumping over burning sticks for fun and one of the son's pulling my extremely blond hair.
Khorramshar, as it turns out was completely decimated in 1982 by Iraqi forces (i.e. Saddam), which makes my plan of going back some day to find our little pink row-house pretty moot and also completely depresses me.
I'm going to work on uploading some clips of our Home-Movies.

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