Monday, November 20, 2006

All Cut and Run Makes Warren a dull boy.

This crotch-waste really got on my shizz this morning. I left the following comment. I'm posting it here, because "the Warren" will most likely delete it. *Update: He didn't delete it, but he did call me a "liberal troll." Awesome.
Gosh and what about your slant?
"'Dirty Harry' Reid?"
"John 'War Hero' Kerry?" "John 'cut and run' Murtha?" First of all, if I read or hear "cut and run" one more time, I think I might vomit. Get a new slogan, for the love of Mike! Have an original thought in your head. John Murtha and John Kerry, unlike our president both served their country in the armed forces and I find it interesting that you hold Dems accountable for supposedly "not respecting the troops" while in the same breath, denigrating the service of other, former troops. And what of the current troops who don’t happen to agree with you? I’m sure you wouldn’t have any trouble copying someone else’s cute nicknames for them as well.

And as for Harry Reid....Well, first of all, if anyone is still holding onto that land thing as some sort of smoking gun, that’s pretty sad…because it’s clearly been proven as a matter of oversight and NOT one of intentional nefariousness. Secondly, what about all of the many Republicans awash in scandal? You act as if Republicans were called of God to serve their country just because they're more likely to vote against abortion and gay-marriage. There are other issues, you know. There are other things, other values to be found in the teachings of Christ.

Why don't any of you harpies get equally aghast when politicians lack charity? Above all these...remember?

Now let me think of the last time the Bush family used their money to benefit someone other than themselves...hmmm....

You're analysis is myopic, repulsive and insulting.

Good day.

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