Thursday, July 06, 2006

i wanna meet any cool girl that impress me i love to meet girlz and make new friendz,i think is the best thing in life cause u girls are the best

Ok, so this guy wants to be my "Myspace friend"....he's from Rome, Italy and belongs to these Myspace groups: Big Breasts of Myspace, BigBoobieGirlz, The Entertainment Network, BORN TO BE IN THE WATER, i LiKE BiG BoObS, Boob Lovers of the World Unite!!!!, Boobalicious, and the Big titty committee.
So, clearly we have a lot in common. I think we're going to be best friends.


Anonymous said...

you should be his myspace friend! you have big boobs and he likes big boobs. what else is there to say? decision made!

- tawnya

p.s. pass him my info. hawt!

Anonymous said...



James said...

Thank you for finding me a new desktop background.