Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Turtle

I want to show you a picture of my new (old) car, but I can't because my camera is full of pictures and I haven't made a disc of them yet and I'm already bummed that I deleted some pictures that I thought I had on disc, but really didn't...Including the cutest picture I took of Chloe on my trip to Florida. Lame!! So, you will just have to imagine a cute, little rollerskate of a 1987 Honda civic parked all adorable-like in front of our house. His name is "the Turtle."
Having a car has been awesome. We can get groceries on demand instead of hoarding a month's worth of food anytime we happened to mooch a ride to the store with one of our friends. We've been carpooling to work in the morning, which means that I actually get here a half an hour early (and therefore before my boss, which for whatever reason gives me a strange sense of superiority...don't tell).
So, I have to publicly thank Tawnya's brother Dan and his wife, Paula for giving us the gift of transportation. It has been so, so very long.

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