Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I am so cold

And I don't mean that in some sort of philosophical, "Man, I'm an ice princess" sort of way. I mean it very literally. The library, my office, my desk is clocking in at a cool 45 degrees right now. Construction brings with it all sorts of tiny quirks that make it almost impossible for me to concentrate on my actual job and the sizable amount of work I have to finish by the end of June. The good and bad news is that our department is moving out of the building for the remainder of the project. Good because if I have to spend one more day feeling like a slab of cow hanging in a meat locker, I might go completely insane...and bad because the "moving" will be taking place next week, meaning that we'll lose an entire week's worth of time to get our job done. I wasn't worried before when I thought that I could plow through a gozillion orders this week, no problem...but now...with the blue fingers and the freezing neck, I'm not so sure.
Luckily, they pay me somewhere right above poverty level...so I feel totally appreciated.

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