Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Long live snark! Or why John Stewart kicked it at the Oscars

Look, those sleazy Hollywood fuckers aren't going to laugh at themselves...come on. Every time the camera panned to Charlize Theron's ghoul face, I couldn't help thinking how fricking self-important she looked (not to mention brownish and zombie-like all tied up in a freaking ginormous bow). I mean, I realize that an Oscar is a "big deal" or whatever, but lighten up. Shit.
John Stewart did what he always does...and what he does best...albeit to a corpsified room of rich, pretty assholes who couldn't take the heat. What the fuck did they expect? I felt badly for him... but, fuck dude, I was laughing. I wish the audience at home could have held up a sign or piped in our own laughter and applause. He should at least know that we were with him.
Hollywood was too busy patting itself on the back. Oh, we're so progressive!! Oh! We're so important...we're really on the cutting edge, forcing society to keep up with the times. "We gave Hattie McDaniel the Oscar in 1939 when blacks still had to sit in the backs of theatres." Well, that's nice George, but you forgot to mention that Hattie was seated in the back of the theatre the very night she won the award. (THanks Musto!!) So, Hollywood can choke, while slobbering on its own knob, as for me and my house, we will serve the snark.

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