Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 2- Desk-lag

In all honesty, I've been putting off writing a blog. I changed the appearance of my myspace page, then this page.... then, I bought stuff. I've been having a really hate/hate relationship with my clothes lately, in that they all make me feel like a giant turd with a mustache. So, yeah...I went crazy. I got two skirts and three dresses! They seem cute enough. Take a look:
Here. (I got the orange one and a green one)
And Here.(I got the pink and a green one)
I went frickin' crazy, ok... CRAZY. However, I haven't gotten new clothes in like a year, so I feel both guilty and justified. Of course, there's always the chance that all of the above items could look like crap on me....the bane of every chubby internet shopper's existence. Oh well, so moving on from that guilt to my insane guilt over eating like 10 million girl scout cookies yesterday and choosing not work out. Fuck.

Tawnya and Angie are in London right now being all bohemian and bon vivant. To say that I'm not envious would, of course be a lie. I guess I can chalk a little of the crazy shopping up to this as well. I haven't heard from them yet. I suspect they're still suffering from some massive jet-lag, which ya know they deserve for being all cool and shit. In my own way I can commiserate with this severe case of desk-lag I'm currently suffering from.

The good news is that I may being going to Florida for my sister's 21st birthday in April...that is, if my family and I can scrape enough cash together. I really wish Lars could come, but I'll take what I can get at this point. I want to see my mom's new house, meet my dad's girlfriend, meet my brother's girlfriend and kid, see the sites with my sister and mom, get a haircut, shop, lounge on the beach, play with Stan and Walt's sisters and mom, swim, hang out with my brother, eat some good food...and yeah, that's about it.

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