Friday, March 10, 2006

Completely fucked up Conspiracy documentary about 9/11

Watch this at the risk of your own mind hurting. I don't know if I buy the entire thesis being presented here, but it definitely asks some compelling questions and presents a theory of 9/11 that it's hard not to be horrified by. (Yeah, even more horrified).
I'm a conspiracy bitch and I've never believed for one second that G.W. didn't have ANY warning about 9/11...but, this film asks us to consider that our government is capable of unthinkable, unspeakable, horrific, bloody evil. We'll never know all the answers...but, that doesn't mean we shouldn't stop asking the questions.


Anonymous said...

reel talk

jimi said...

when we start asking questions about our government, the terrorists win.

Lummox said...

shocking,and disgusting..I did find a an inconsequentil mistake in it though..