Monday, January 30, 2006

The most boring day ever

Ya know when you're at work and you could totally do things to help it not be so boring (like listen to your ipod or something) but, you don't because you're already so bored that you can't be bothered to lean over and grab something out of your purse? Ya know those days?
What about when one of your friends is sick, one's work computer isn't working and the other isn't responding and so you're in a total email vortex? What about that?
My sister called me earlier, that dulled some of the major lameness that is today, but mostly...I'm just fantasizing about things I can't afford. I.E. more tattoos and rollerskates.
In fact, I've decided that I need to start a fund...maybe even have a benefit concert in order to fund these two very awesome things that I currently desire.
Oh won't you contribute. *blink*blink* I'd be ever so grateful.

Oh and milkshakes! I'd like milkshakes too. Chocolate.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what is 4% more tootie?

that scares me.

- tawnya