Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why do we always end up talking abortion and the death penalty?

It's been a rough week. Klaus had been acting like a freak for a while and on Sunday we noticed that we hadn't seen him around in a while. When we hunted him down under the bed we noticed that he was looking really thin(he's normally around 13 lbs). Then yesterday he started barfing clear foam and we knew something was really wrong.
Lars took him to the vet this morning and their doing blood tests that we won't have the results for until tomorrow. He's lost close to 6 pounds. Tonight we're supposed to feed him with a syringe and hope that he doesn't have liver or kidney disease, but know that he probably does.

I'm attached to all of my animals, but Klaus is our baby. We saved him from an oil barrel when he was no bigger than a gerbil. I'm trying to be stoic and positive, but mostly I'm just feeling kind of pissed off.

The good news is that I'm getting Christmas presents off to my family on time this year...and I finished two of my Christmas mixes for friends.
Here's the playlist of Jimi and Karin's. (Jimi and Karin, don't peak! )

Alone again, or/ Mouserocket
the list/ Metric
we will become sillouettes/ the shins
born on a train/ magnetic fields
blueberry titfuck/ touchdown eagle
there she goes my beautiful world/ nick cave
statue of liberty/ xtc
dracula's wedding/ outkast
you killed a boy for me/ henry's dress
into my arms/ nick cave (the song I walked down the aisle to at our wedding)
lost in the plot/ the dears
on the floor/ mary timony
mama's gonna make us a cake/ casual dots
sheep to the slaughter/ paris
rock your body/ Justin Timberlake
four/ the a-lines
waste of breath/ mouserocket
rollercoaster/ sleater-kinney
punker plus/ le tigre
i don't mind/ slumber party
breathless/ nick cave (the song that played at the end of our wedding ceremony)
alone again, or/ LOVE


James said...

I will forcibly cross my cats' fingers (paw digits?) in support of Klaus.

Meanwhile, someone here in Santa Cruz told me that he's shipping a package in your direction tomorrow. A giant, toothless bald guy with a horribly scarred right arm and a Dokken t-shirt. Odd.

Anonymous said...

I have Klaus in my thoughts. I hope that he will be well again soon. I know it is hard to have to wait for information like this. I hope that everything will work out very well.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping only good things for little Klausy. And for you. I love you both.

- Tawnya