Thursday, December 29, 2005

Hounds of hell

For Christmas we got to dogsit for Kelly and Shannon's miniature Pomeranian, Snickers. She's part angelic, baby bear and part total bad ass....we love her, she's our kind of bitch.
We were a little worried at first because Walter hasn't been very well socialized with other dogs and he tends to start shit when he sees them. The first few introductions were okay....there were some rumbles, some scuffles, but thankfully no bloodshed.
When Kelly and Shannon brought her over on Christmas Eve, things started out a bit rough, but five minutes after they left, Snickers made herself right at home.
Walter completely fell in crazy David Letterman stalker type love with her. He followed her wherever she went, staring intently. "I love you. No one will EVER love you the way I love you."
Because Snickers is a typical girl, it was clear that she fell for Stanley's more "I could give a fuck about you, bitch" type attitude. She followed him around, trying to straighten his tail. (Girls are always trying to change you).
Not your typical Christmas love triangle.

Now that she's gone, I think our dogs have decided to gay out Brokeback Mountain style. Last night they wouldn't stop tongue lashing each other like porno lesbians. Walter tried to mount Stanley about 37 times, but when Stanley started licking Walter's dong...I had a put an end to it.

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