Monday, December 19, 2005

Another fine example of how my dad is adorable

This is only one of 12 photos he sent me of his new model airplane.
Now, if that isn't awesome and didn't make my whole day, then I just don't know what.
(That's his dog, Rhett who happens to be Stan and Walt's uncle).

Ang and I played in Provo Friday night. It was fuckink freezink, but sort of fun. Ned's band played first. I really, in ways indescribable, enjoyed them a lot.
We went second and it was kind of weird. I felt like we really sucked, but really rocked.
To quote Lars, "You guys sounded fucking awesome when you weren't fucking it up. Like you were really 'in the pocket' when you weren't out of the pocket.'"

I married him, cos that shit makes sense to me.

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Anonymous said...

i love when you guys are in pockets.

- tawnya