Monday, November 14, 2005

Still not as crazy after all these years

Remember when winter was fun and all that buldging pain you felt behind your eyeballs was cool?
Yeah, me neither.
When I was 25 I had a bit of a breakdown. I had graduated from college in the spring, held down an awesome internship at the City Weekly all summer and by fall, when Tawnya left for grad-school in England, I quit my job, dyed my hair black, started living off on Wendy's, KFC and Chicken Quesadillas, paid rent with Angie's credit card, stopped leaving the apartment in daylight, slept in 4 hour increments, made an internet boyfriend who hated the sound of women's voices singing rock and roll, drove across country with Angie to meet said internet boyfriend ("the ferret"), where we all holed up in his creepy dank apartment watching Monkees episodes and North and South, got really pasty, gained 20 lbs., lost internet boyfriend, tried to make myself make out with a guy I called "the Loveslug," made "thanksgiving in a box" and threw a racially offensive lawn ornament off of a bridge.
I think I'm doing better this year.


Anonymous said...

that poor boy and his watermellon. you can't just throw your problems off a bridge in 'hoe'-stead and expect them to go away! someday you will have to confront that boy and his watery grave. think how i felt when black kids i was friends with saw that racially offensive lawn ornament, that they sell at walmart down the street from my house by the dozen?

Anonymous said...

awwww. I forgot about loveslug

Anonymous said...

i guess it really really hurts when tawnya leaves someone. really really bad. she must really really rule.