Friday, September 23, 2005

The Treat Williams' pants

I love Hair, okay. There. I've said it. I watched the movie about 15 years ago with my mom and I've loved it ever since. I know, almost every word to every song. I love the original Broadway soundtrack for it's tinny-ness and relevance and I love the film soundtrack for it's funkiness and energy. (And very specifically for it's homo-hilarious take on "White Boys") I know, for instance, if I'm listening to the Broadway soundtrack that when the title track reaches, "My hair like Jesus wore it, Halleluja! I adore it. Halleluja! Mary loved her son..." that the next line, "Why don't my mother love me?" will be stretched out and slower.
I know that though Beverly D'angelo has extremely pleasant boobies, she doesn't quite have the pipes to sing the "Good morning Sunshine" song to my satisfaction.

I used to own the video and both soundtracks, but in a moment of supreme idiocy, I got rid of all of them. (I probably had to pay rent or buy groceries or something lame like that).

Last night Lars came to the rescue in the form of one of my many birthday presents. He got me the DVD. I made him watch it immidiately, precluded by the usual speech I give when I'm about to share this movie with someone. "Okay, Treat Williams looks soooo nasty. His hair is totally repulsive, but I swear by the end you will want to (in Lars' case) totally gay out with him."

When Tawnya and I were first friends (and I could still wear pants without feeling like a pig in a blanket) I used to own these really awesome jeans. I wore them every day and rarely washed them. They were filthy and I loved them. We called them the Treat Williams pants.

Anyway, by the end Lars conceded that, yes, Treat looks totally sweet, but that he still wouldn't be all gay with him....but, if that's true then why did he freeze-frame and zoom in on his ding-dong during the skinny dipping scene?

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