Thursday, August 18, 2005

One of the reasons

When Lars picked me up yesterday and took note of my choice mood, he did what only the best boyfriends/ future husbands would do... He took me shopping and spent some pretend/ credit card money on me.
Look I'm not one of those "shoppy" type girls with a "She who has the most toys wins" license plate frame or anything and I don't equate love with presents, but man on a day that saw me with no money, a huge zit and an emotional work-related was just what the doctor ordered.

Wedding Countdown: 23 days

We got our first present yesterday from my friend Lisa and her family...and from the story she told me, it's a miracle it arrived at all. I guess I updated our address in the wrong spot (cos I'm a frickin genius) so they tried to deliver it to our old apartment...and then gave up and then magically it appeared on the doorstep where Lars works. None of us can figure out how it happened or why... but, PRESENTS!!

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