Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bitch, be cool!

I'm having one of those weeks. Luckily (for the wedding) but, sadly (for today) I got the huge zit. I'm really trying not to pick at it, but people, please, I'm only human afterall.

I have reached a level of "stressed out" that I didn't know was humanly possible. Money is like...way tight, like I'm pretty close to sucking dicks for a dollar on State Street and pretending it's for crack money kind of tight.
I have too many teeth, but I really think I could get that Halle Berry in Jungle Fever, cracked out, crazy ho, "I suck ya dick fuh a dolla'" act down.
Only when I look at things realistically, I'm way too busy to suck dicks right now, so broke it is.

But, let's not think about that...let's think about all of the pretty things. Let's just look at my wedding idea photos instead.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tracy, you are too funny. I'm sitting here at my desk laughing and you-know-who is probably wondering what's going on over here....Anyway, you're going to look so pretty on your wedding day, trained bangs or not! --Lisa