Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What would Joan Jett do?

Klaus is a badass motherfucker
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Klaus' face pretty much sums up my feelings about the matter. I have to be vauge, you see because...well, I have to. Let's just say, that there have only been three other people in my life who have caused me to feel this way...and by "this way" I mean, like if this person and George W. Bush were trapped in a burning building and I had to make some sort of Sophie's choice as to which one I would rescue, it would only take about three seconds to choose George.
I keep playing out scenarios of our imminent confrontation in my head. The one where me and my friends drop an air conditioning unit on said a-hole's head like in High Fidelity is really a favorite. There's also the Tony Soprano/ Goodfellas beatdown options... ahhh
and yet here I sit. I really shouldn't let this guy get to me.

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LisaB said...

Oooh that sounds like one bad deal. I had one of those thoughts once where I beat a girl's head in with an iron. It helped. That is a great cat expression by the way!