Tuesday, July 26, 2005

To Lars on our 4th anniversary,

4 years ago, to the day, you and I were arranging our very first date. You called me after work and we decided that we both kind of wanted to see Moulin Rouge. During the movie we both sat perfectly still. We didn't hold hands, which is funny given that we have held hands through every movie we've seen together since.
After the movie we walked to your car (Ahhh, I really miss when we had transportation) and talked for a while. I think I told you the story about Tawnya and I getting trapped in that perfume selling cult for a couple of days...you know, the story that ends with the entire crazy-money cult jerks chanting, "titties! titties! titties!" Anyway, I told that charming story and then we kissed... our very first kiss in the middle of the Century 16 parking lot.
These four years have been some of the best in my life. You are my very dearest friend and truly the best person I know. I can't wait to marry you in 46 days.
I love you.

the future Mrs. Vegetable Medley

P.S. Spell check doesn't recognize the word, "titties!" How prude.

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