Thursday, July 21, 2005

Psst! Girl talk

I think the biggest problem with "diets" or "lifestyle changes" as we're calling them now is that they force you to think about food much more than you ever would.
I should be honest and say that I have never stuck to a diet for more than a day in my entire life...until now. (There's nothing like 90 people staring at your fat ass in a strapless dress to give you a jump start).
It helps that friends (Shannon and Kelly!! WORD!) and Lars are all doing it with me. I've already avoided, chocolate ice cream, yummy bread, candy, more ice cream and yet again some even yummier bread. I was even home alone with said ice cream and did not indulge.
As a dedicated lover of food, the most difficult aspect of this has been making better choices and impulse control. Do I want the chocolate truffle cake? Yes, yes I do. Do I have to have it? .... eh, I guess not.
Until now I've never realized how many fucking crazy issues I have with food. I really, truly love food. I love it like people. Mashed potatoes...I love them like people. Peanut butter cookies dipped in're my peeps! I don't think I ever found this "love" unhealthy before (and I don't mean physically unhealthy). Gah...I'm creeping myself out.
The biggest issue I'm struggling with right now mentally is my chubby girl pride. I feel a little like a bit of a sell out, but honestly I'm getting older and I don't really have much of a choice. While I love my curves...I love my lack of diabetes and heart disease even more. I'd also like to feel comfortable wearing pants.


Anonymous said...

Damn those evil mashed potatoes, and sweet potatoe french fries! They will be my undoing. Then having a girlfriend who can make homemade mashed potatoes, that is like celepate missionary in a strip club I tell ya! A GOOD strip club! I love you Penny.

Anonymous said...

yer making me wanna try to be better. damn you!

- tawnya