Friday, July 15, 2005

midi in/out drive

It's almost the weekend and frankly I couldn't be more ready. Tomorrow me and the dudes are going up to Bear Lake; the site of our legendary "worst sunburns ever that probably gave us all skin cancer." It was the summer before Tawnya went to grad school in England and the summer before Angie and I attended the grad school of not leaving the apartment during daylight hours, eating Wendy's 10 times a day and chatting online to this total dick named "Matthew" who demanded that the Monkees were superior to the Beatles, Weezer is the best band ever and that "women shouldn't sing rock and roll, they should sound pretty." (Gah, fuck that guy!) Anyway it was 1999 and Bill Clinton was still president. I had just graduated college with my worthless English degree (go me!) and was settling in for a long winter's ennui.
Bear lake is one of those places where you forget that you don't know what you want to do with your life and you forget you're in Utah. You sit, you bake, you apply and reapply sunscreen.

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Miriam said...

and you eat raspberry shakes :) And you drive through Miriam's city.