Monday, July 18, 2005

I hear the ticking of the clock

Lars left this morning for a three day river trip in southern Utah. It's a work thing. He left this morning, of all mornings. The morning that would see me in a creepy, semi-abandoned looking health sciences building, having strangers jerk my head around while wearing a modified scuba mask with an infrared video camera monitoring my eyeball. The morning I contracted to really, once and for all start my diet. (I'm sugar crashing so hard right now)
I miss him. I'm pathetic.
Just wait until tonight when all the doors are locked and no matter how tired I am, I won't be able to turn off the television even though I'm reading Harry Potter. The sadly comforting glow will be all Stan and I have to keep us company tonight. Of course we'll have each other, but he'll miss Lars as much as I do...and we'll both be too busy wallowing in our own sad-sack-ery to comfort one another.

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