Thursday, June 02, 2005

Saying goodbye to Kicking Judy

It's been 4 pretty a'right years and now it's time to end. Angie and I officially put in our notice at KRCL. We've got a few weeks left and I know when the end finally comes it will be bittersweet. I'll miss the microphones and the burny french fry lights. I'll miss making someone's night by playing their favorite band...or introducing them to a new favorite. I'll miss being crude on air (luckily, I've always got my blog to keep me gross). But, I'll miss the power of two nerdy girls dominating indie-pop/punk radio in Salt Lake City most of all. Aw man, now I'm getting misty. Fuck you guys. Listen while you can: 90.9 FM Saturday night or live on

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

are you gonna eat that microphone? or do something dirty to it? cause that's, like, gross.

- tawnya