Wednesday, May 11, 2005

What the crap?

Ok, first of all it's snowing and I'm not at all happy about it.
I started my morning by waking up late, stumbling into the clothes I wore yesterday (plus tights), trying to force Stanley outside to pee like 9 times, snapping at Lars when he in no way deserved it and running 4 blocks to catch my bus.
Don't even let me talk about the bus. Oh, you want to hear it, huh? You want to hear how I slipped and almost cracked my skull open on the most unsanitary floor in the universe and how some dipshit with his feet and legs out in the middle of the aisle refused to move and let me by.
If I wasn't coming off of a very intense Veronica Mars season finale high, that guy so would have gotten my umbrella up his butt.
Which, brings me to Veronica Mars. Dudes, I'm not even's the best show on television....and you missed it. (Though I hear they're releasing the first season at the end of the summer and I command you to buy and partake). I don't know how I made it through the finale without alcohol.
!!!***!*!* killed Lily and he nearly burns Veronica alive. Veronica finds out that #**#*!!*! is her real dad and her mom is a total skeeeeeezzzzz. She betrays her new boyfriend who's fate is incidentally left dangling for next season (the last we see him, he's standing on the railing of the same bridge his mother jumped from, completely drunk and either about to jump or be beaten to death by a gang of bad-boy bikers who want his ass (and yeah, you can take that any way you want to)), she finds closure with her ex-boyfriend, and has one final chat with her dead best friend only to close the season with her opening the door to someone we can't see. The end.
The hell? My old-lady heart can't take it.
Best. Show. Ever.

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