Friday, April 08, 2005

Our house

I feel totally out of it. We've been in our new house for an official week now and it's awesome, but still weird. Like I keep waiting for Jimmy Buffett to come home and reclaim his plastic crab and mardi gras beads. I would put up a fight too. I've come to love that plastic crab.
I just re-read this and realized it doesn't make a lick of sense since I've never mentioned that the previous owner of our house left, in the back yard, under the covered porch: a filthy standing bar, a hammock frame and a plastic crab with mardi gras beads.
Anyway, the point is that it's hard to feel at home yet. I'm longing to plant things and paint things and make all of the crooked things straight (but, not narrow...hello, this is a hate free house).

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Jeri said...

What, no pictures??? :)