Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday just isn't keepin' it real.

1. My laptop made a funny noise, froze and then completely died while I was in the middle of burning the best mix cd of all time. It won't turn back on.
2. My dog pulled a pee-ball out of the cat box and dragged kitty-litter all over the living room. Then he ate it.
3. I locked myself out of the apartment without my breakfast or my coffee.
4. I missed my bus.
5. My alternate breakfast/ coffee plans were foiled after I walked 15 minutes out of my way to discover the place wasn't open on Mondays.
6. All of this made me even more late to work than I usually am and I still don't have any food or coffee.

But, how's your Monday morning going?

1 comment:

James said...

I killed two men in a knife fight over whether Chris Rock or The Rock was the better comedian, and then torched a cop car before spilling coffee on my shoes. Dammit.

Totally off-topic: Hey, where are the playlists for the last few weeks? Huh? Huh?