Monday, April 03, 2006

Yesterday, the Day after tomorrow never dies

I am a sucker for disaster movies...I love them. All of them. Well, okay, I don't like the Towering Inferno because it's really boring, but in general disaster movies are the shit.
I watched The Day after Tomorrow starring Jake Gyllenhaal and "QUAID!", Dennis Quaid over the weekend and despite that fact that it was total bullshit, I really enjoyed myself.
I'm looking foward to that Poseidon remake like a motherfucker.
Speaking of which, how many goddamn movies can that Josh Lucas asshole be in, anyway?
I think I've seen one trailer in the last two years that didn't have that cocksucker in it.
And really, the waves of menstruation must be upon me because I managed to type out "bullshit," "motherfucker," "asshole" and "cocksucker" all within about a 45 second time span. Oh, what's that? You didn't know that the onset of bleeding from one's vagina ("It's where Ginese people come from") can cause excessive foul-mouthery? ... Well, now you do.

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